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2" 3D Laser Crystal Cube - Motorcycle

2" 3D Laser Crystal Cube - Motorcycle
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You are looking at a Collectable Crystal Art Cube. This cube is a solid piece of optically clear lead crystal, and all fine artistic details can be viewed at any angle. A wonderful gift for Humming Bird's lover. The 3-dimensional image has been created within a solid piece of crystal through a space-age laser process. The sophisticated process produces the inner image without blemishing the surface of the crystal. The exquisite design is suspended in time and space, encased in flawlessly polished solid crystal. It is extraordinary bright on the lighted base.

Material: K9 crystal
Size: 2" x 2"x 2"(Height x Width x Depth)
Shape: Square Cube
Laser Image: 3D motorcycle
Weight: 1 Ibs
Gift Boxed