12 Crystal Diamond Birthstone


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These 35mm Diamond Heart Crsytal Birthstones (12 gorgeous birthstones) are beautifully packaged in a satin clothed gift box.

The following is a tradional way to suggest each color stone represent some month of a year.

January: Red (Garnet.)
February: Purple (Amethyst)
March: Light Blue (Aquamarine, Bloodstone)
April: Clear Diamond.
May: Green (Emerald)
June: White (Pearl, Moonstone)
July: Red (Ruby)
August: Light Green (Peridot, Sardonyx)
September: Dark Blue (Sapphire)
October: Pink (Opal, Tourmaline)
November: Amber (Yellow Topaz, Citrine)
December: Turquoise (Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Zircon)

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