5″ Crystal Jellyfish – Baby Blue


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This hand blown glass jellyfish Paperweight is truly magnificent from any angle. The jellyfish really does seem to float in the air! The tiny individual bubbles at the base of the tentacles seem ready to rise to the surface and you can imagine this jellyfish gliding in the currents of the ocean! This is one amazing hand blown creature. Each of these are individually blown and so each is unique onto itself. The clarity of the glass is outstanding. A stunning and treasured addition to any glass collection. Jellyfish are hand made so sizes and colors may vary. Sizes from 3″ to 6″ tall

Gorgeous hand blown glass jellyfish are encased in clear glass. This exquisite jellyfish is done so delicately, it looks as if it’s swimming encased in glass. Beautiful to look at. This one glows in the dark. Measures 6″. Can be used by itself as an artistic statement or as a paperweight.

Perfect collection idea or nice center piece, recommend to purchase with our 7 led night light turntable.

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