9″ 19 Multi-Color LED Turntable Display Base, Silver


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19 Multi-Color (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow) LED Lights
Mirrored Surface
9″ Diameter on top
Boday Color: Silver
Idea for big size crystal cubes & big size crystal decors
9″ W x 2 1/4″ H – Mirror Top 8 1/4″ W

This extra large 9″ W rotating (1RPM), mirror top LED light stand has a brushed silver base and a flat surface rotating mirror top with 7 COLOR LED lights in the center and 12 COLOR LED lights evenly spaced in an outer circle. The LED lights are extra bright red, green, blue and yellow which produce a full spectrum random light show to highlight your treasured piece. The light base can hold sculptures, crystal, art pieces or paperweights up to 6lbs and has 2 settings with “Light On Only” and “Light On Rotating”. Base is 9″ W, the rotating mirror top is 8 1/4″ W with a toggle switch on the side. Boxed with a 12 volt AC adapter included.

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